The Birth of the Phoenix - July 4th, and July 11th, 1998

On July 4th 1998, Trevor began work on the phoenix. When the dragon was nearly finished, I had realized that there was something missing. Because it took me that long to figure it out, the phoenix is much more abstract than the dragon. The photos from the 4th were really awful, so I've removed them.

The way the phoenix is planned is that there be one wing going across my chest above my breasts, the head will be dipping down between my breasts, and another wing looping over my shoulder and under my left breast. The body will be implied weaving down my back; the tail ending over my right hip and buttock.

On the Fourth, Trevor started outlining the wings across my chest and the feathers running down my right arm. He will also be covering up the small bird on my left shoulder. The snake armband on my right arm will be only slightly altered, to fit better with the whole design, which also involves a sleeve of lilies to be added to my right arm.

On July 11th, Trevor worked on the outline of the lower wing.

I now have a new baseline for tattoo ouchiness: the ribcage/underarm/lower chest area. Yikes. To give you an idea: I have often been tattooed for over 2 hours without going into shock (shivers, cold sweats). Six hours is another story, of course. But this time, 1 1/2 hours into the tattoo and I was shaking.

Top to bottom, the whole thing.


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