May 16, 2004 - Geoffrey Gets Some Color

There hasn't been much activity on these pages - no tattoowork. Things have been going on, though - Geoffrey had both his hips replaced, I was laid off then rehired, and now (May 31 2004) I'm about a week away from having one of my hips replaced. The right side one, the same side as the phoenix feathers.

I probably won't have any cuts into the tattoo work; but even if I do, the surgeon is very good at putting tattoo work back together. As a matter of fact, he bragged about how well he matched up the tribal when he came to tell me the operation had been a success, and he was right - it was almost perfect.

It had been a long time since Geoffrey'd had any new work done, and he was ready.

Trevor decided to work on the cherry blossoms.


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