August 26th: And the Green Goes On...

August 26th was very busy. I worked half a day, then went up early to see Trevor, which was prearranged. Unfortunately, the twee little missy before me was an hour late, so we didn't get started as soon as we'd hoped.

Traffic being the way it is around 5PM, I didn't want to take the chance of being late for my pistol class with Al Unger. I believe being on time for appointments is a sign of respect; if I can't be on time, I try to let the person know.

So at 4:45 Trevor and I were looking at the last feather to be done, and decided that rather than trying to rush and finish it, we'd just call it a day.

Anyway, he bandaged me up and off I went, back to Lowell and the Lowell Sportsmen's Club.


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