July 15th 1999: Where Were YOU When the Lights Went Out?

July 15th, and I was once again in Seabrook to see Trevor.

Geoffrey and I went up there a little early, to meet Darby, an occasional rec.arts.bodyart denizen who also gets work from Trevor.

When we got there, Trevor was running a little late - he and Darby had started off a little slower than he'd anticipated. So we sat there, occasionally shooting the breeze but mostly admiring the lotus flower Trevor was putting on Darby's back.

Around 4 PM, after cleaning Darby off and covering his tattoo, Trevor went to pick his car up at the shop next door. He would start on me as soon as he got back.

While he was gone, the lights flickered and went out. Damn! They came back on again. But before I had a chance to rejoice, again out, and they stayed out.

The good news: the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant evacuation horns didn't start sounding, so it was safe to hang around, anyway.

Trevor in front of the dead video game machine.


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