June 24, 1999... Yes, I'm Still Getting Tattooed

June 24th, Trevor decided to take some pity on me, and work on areas of my body where the touch of the needle didn't make me twitch. So he put in some yellow and orange feathers that run down my left shoulder, and then worked on some of the small feathers on my ribcage under my left arm

Guess what? This appointment was a cake-walk! I dozed through much of it. The most stinging parts, in areas where he'd already put in two other colors, felt better than the first touch of the needle on the abdomen just below the sternum/ribs.

As Trevor started on the pink on my ribs under my arm, he asked me how I was doing. I told him it was great, I hardly felt a thing. He asked then "So I could fill in your armpit?" I laughed, and told him "Last week you gave me a new baseline for pain. Armpit should be a breeze!"

Little did I know at the time he wasn't fooling.


Here's what was done... First, the little feathers on my back:


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