Power Outlining Complete: December 1998

On December 11th, Trevor worked on my front right side. This was not fun. Perhaps the fact that I was laying on the bench such that I could watch the inexhorably slow passage of time made it worse... nah, it's just about the nastiest area to have tattooed.

At one point I said to Trevor (through gritted teeth), "I keep telling myself that at least, the shading should be a piece of cake compared to the outline."

His response: "No, I remember all of it being bad there..."

Oh, goody.

These photos are all from the 13th, as Geoffrey didn't accompany me when I went up on the 11th. The work done on the 11th was all the feathers on the right and lower right side of my belly, and the powerlining that was done on the phoenix's head.

This shows what was done on the 11th.


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