Trevor Marshall Featured in Tattoo Annual "Mondiale"

On the 11th of December, I again went for power outlining on my phoenix. While there, Trevor showed me a magazine given to him by an Italian client which included a mini-portfolio of his work as seen at the National Tattoo Convention in March 1998 in Los Angeles. He gave me some color xeroxes since I'm featured in it.

Since these are color xeroxes, the quality leaves a bit to be desired, but what the hey. I don't know for certain about the photographer for the other photos, but I'm pretty certain that Bill DeMichele took the cover photo, and I know Robert Butcher is the person who took the photos of myself. I hope if either one prefers that I not use the copies of the photos, they'll let me know.

To see larger versions of these, click on the photo - the larger versions are draggable (hold your mouse down in the transparent area) if they're not completely on the page. Click on the "X" when you want to dismiss the image.

This is the cover. Isn't that a great tattoo?

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