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The Latest:

Well, I've been remiss: there have been 3 appointments I'm only now getting around to documenting:

July 28th, 2006 - I get some more work.

August 12th, 2006 - Geoffrey's turn - and purple tentacles.

And the latest: August 19th 2006:I get more background... and my knee.

An update about the lack of updates.

An explanation for these pages.

The article in Tattoo Magazine, July 2002.

Another horsie update - New horsie... and soon new horsie home

We celebrated our first anniversary   on October 15th 2000, back in New Orleans.

Geoffrey and I went to Bonaire for Scuba diving (2000). Click here to go to the appropriate section. And click here for the 2001 Bonaire trip section and photos. And here for the October, 2001 trip. We went back again, this time in July of 2002. Photos and report forthcoming... well, eventually. Meanwhile, here are the December, 2002 photos.

For some reason, some time in early August 2000, many of my page counters got reset. Arrgh, how annoying. Anyway, I can't get the old counts back, so I'll just reset the "since" dates. What a pain.

Some of my favorite links.

Also, just started - a page dedicated to my father, all about a B-24 called "Bombs Lullaby".

My family.

We get a ride on a B24, thanks to a friend named Ryan.


New!!! We're Engaged!

Even Newer! We're Married!!

Our First Anniversary

My horse, Dusty.

 The Condo Kitties.

Moby has an operation

 We get a new hobby

Geoffrey and I go on vacation. I learn that Scuba diving isn't a deathly scary thing.

We go back to Bonaire. This time I really, really love it!

My Rant page

A couple of drawings.

Proof I've got a brain in my head

Geoffrey, Dan, Dusty and I as deranged christmas elves

Contact info for my tattoo artist, Trevor Marshall

 My tattoos. Also Geoffrey's...

Coming soon: trip report and a couple of photos from the Marked for Life Tattoo Convention (January 14th through 17th, Orlando)

UPDATE! I entered AND WON the "Best Overall Tattoo" contest! Thanks, Trevor!

Follow this link for a little convention write-up, with a couple of photos.

Since Geoffrey, who won "Best Backpiece" and took second place both in "Best Sleeve" AND in "Best Overall" - that's right, we took first AND second place - had to become the virtual Bill DeMichele (who was snowed/rained/sleeted/iced in in Albany), I don't have photos from the contest and awards. But they're likely to be in tattoo magazines around March or so.  Not to mention that Tattoo Planet is using a large photo of yours truly to drum up business for their upcoming US-published issues (It says "Get Full Coverage!" with a big Robert Butcher photo of me)...


Oceanic Tatau Web Page (, or, either one works since we want people to be able to find it...)

Jan Seeger Photography - Tattoo photographs, and a whole lot more!

Jim's Tattoo Shop - Home to a whole bunch of good tattoo artists, and home base for Trevor in Seabrook NH in the summer.

Ryan Keough: A good friend, and the official pilot of He's got some nice work from Chris Dingwell, too!

Speaking of Chris Dingwell: a great tattoo artist, a connoisseur of fine ties, and an all-around nice guy.

Proteus Press: A good source for tattoo photographs

BME - Body Modification Ezine - photos, info, links and more.

SPC - The Shawn Porter Collection.

Another very cool, funny, sometimes abrasive, always honest and outspoken, net pal, Keith Alexander

The Institute of Official Cheer - Check out the Art of Art Frahm

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