Some Drawings

I've been drawing all of my life, though I've never taken it seriously. Still, I occasionally exert myself and attempt to actually apply what my mother used to refer to as my "wasted god-given talents", and produce something akin to art.

Recently, I've been making an occasional stab at drawing what is referred to in tattooing circles as "flash". In general, there are a few tattoo "styles" - old-style traditional (roses, hearts encircled with barbed wire, women with impossibly perky breasts and long legs, knives and serpents, etc.), tribal (blackwork in a pattern that complements the body), celtic (often knotwork), etc. There are also certain subjects that are often found in tattoos of many styles: dragons, panthers and other cats, peacocks, fish, fairies, snakes; you've seen them I'm sure.

Not too long ago, I was doing a search on the web for "pictures of lilies", and came upon a painting of a fairy with a calla lily. I liked it, and decided to draw my own version of it


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