A Comment About My Pages

Recently, my pages have been given some extra attention from others not necessarily tattoo enthusiasts. Since I periodically analyze my web logs, I'm able to trace the extra traffic to its source.

The Corvette people were just crude, but the MetaFilter people were a bit more thoughtful. In reading their comments, it became clear to me that the purpose of these pages itself was unclear.

I began these pages and continue to maintain them as a documentary of the process of getting heavily tattooed. Therefore, criticisms about the quality of the photography seem really off-the-wall to me: this isn't a photography site, the purpose isn't to display my tattoos artistically (though I happen to believe they are art). I've won awards (documented in tattoo magazines: Mad Hatters Tattoo Convention; Marked For Life Tattoo Convention), I've been featured in tattoo magazines (see the previous links and Tattoo Savage); there are nice photos of my tattoo work out there. I have nice photos, done by Jan Seeger in my possession - but they don't really belong here.

It was also suggested that I (and most people with tattoos) must be exhibitionist to display myself in such a manner. It would be pretty hard not to display myself and still show the process; besides, I'm not ashamed of my body - it is what it is. I think my tattoo work is beautiful. My body may not be model-perfect, and my face may not please everyone, but - can any of the people most critical claim perfection themselves? And again, this isn't cheesecake, it's a tattoo documentary. Find your jack-off material elsewhere.

It's also been implied that the tattoo image must have special, life altering significance or is somehow less valid. What bosh! My tattoos may not signify the death of a loved one or mark the date I gave up something or took something up, or whatever; but they nevertheless have great significance to me. Nothing as tangible as the so-called valid reasons for getting a tattoo - but even if the only reason were for adornment, who is to say that is not a valid reason? What makes your reason any better?

Additionally, catty comments that the tattoo images are "generic" or are blackwork, so aren't art - if any of the people making these comments actually went through the pages and watched the creative flow, I would be really surprised.

Yes, a dragon, a phoenix, flowers - they're all quite common tattoo themes.But these are hardly flash pulled off the wall - each design has been drawn onto my body, following my body's contours and made to flow with my movement.

As for the blackwork: Geoffrey recently had hip replacement surgery. The surgeon actually cut alongside one of the lines, following the same muscle contour as the tattoo artist. This is not black work taken from a flat piece of paper and whimsically tossed onto any random part of the body - this was made to order.

Still, it's those people's right to make uneducated statements, I suppose. To each their own.

Which brings us back to my website. If you come in here and find something that interests you, I hope you enjoy your stay. If your only interest is in tearing apart my web design, tattoo design, or person, or think stealing photos from my site and posting them with insulting comments completely out of context elsewhere is "good fun", please move on.

I promise not to make judgements about you and your hobbies.


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