Tuffy - Another Palomino Pal

This is Tuffy as a baby. He's another recipient of a silly registered name, though not quite as silly as Dusty's: his is "A Bid of Gold". I was boarding with his owner back when she first bought him, so I've known him since he was about 9 months old.

Lately, Dusty has been on the semi-disabled list. He'd had a crack in his hoof that just wouldn't grow out - it's been there since before we left Helene's barn. Finally it cracked up into his coronary band, and when he lifted the foot up you could see the crack widening. The vet was called, a new farrier consulted, and Dusty sported a horizontal hoof pierce - a nail that went in one side of the crack and came out the other, and clamped the crack closed.


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