Tico (Poco Frecklena)

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Here's the newest addition to the family: Tico. Registered Poco Frecklena, Doc O'Lena is his grandsire on top, Freckles San Man (half-brother of Colonel Freckles, same sire) grandsire on the bottom, he's 93% Foundation-bred and another "horse of a different color".

He started out life as a buckskin, but as you can see, he roaned out.

He's also a little pisser: sweet as can be under saddle, but he wants to be doing stuff all the time and he's been Mr Destructo at the new barn - not that it was that hard, the place was falling apart. And you have to secure his door with a double clasp, because he's also an escape artist.

I think he's cute as a button, but the barn owner didn't. I've since moved Dusty and Tico to here. They like him.

That's too tiiiighhht, ma!  

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