Why My Pages Haven't Been Updated Lately

August 11, 2002

A lot of people have commented on my guestbook about the lack of updates.

To be honest, it's been a combination of actual "nothing new to report" and laziness - I haven't added pages to my Bombslullaby site either, even though my father got a ride on a B24 late last winter/early spring. That ride, incidentally, was due to the kindness of Ryan Keough, a friend I've yet to meet face-to-face, but one whom I value nevertheless and not the least for that.

Although I've not gotten any new work, or for that matter any old work touched up, things have happened in the interim that were tattoo-related.

First, when Geoffrey and I went to the Massachusetts Tattoo Festival for one day last year in October, Billy Tinney took a few photos of me. These resulted in a three-page spread and interview about me in Tattoo Magazine in July, 2002.

In February, I entered the "Women's Large Color" category at the Mad Hatter's Tattoo Convention in Portland, Maine and won .

Now it's August, and a new but very dear friend is getting her first tattoo from Trevor tomorrow - a queen angelfish. She and I got to know each other through our mutual love for the island of Bonaire.

Of course, other things have transpired, too - the most infamous being the cowardly attack on the World Trade Center. The month after that, right after the Mass Tattoo Festival and just before a trip we were taking to Bonaire, I was laid off. The company I'd been working for had hired me for a specific project, and when that project was cancelled the inevitable happened. It also happened that Geoffrey's contract was ending the same week, which made for a somewhat less than relaxing vacation, despite the fact that we were going to the most peaceful and relaxing place I've ever been.

Anyone in my business - high tech, software - knows what the last few months have been like. We were lucky in that we had few large expenses, some savings, I had unemployment compensation, and a father who, although I kept telling him to spend his extra money on himself, periodically sent me a care-package in the form of a check. We were able to get through the drought without racking up huge credit card bills.

When I finally did land a job, they wanted to wait a few weeks before my start date, which was fine by me. I'd been in a major funk about not having gotten back to Bonaire for my birthday, my credit was good, and I knew I'd have good money coming in soon, so I put a balance on my credit card and we flew off for a week in Bonaire.

Although I also missed being tattooed, Bonaire called to me the most insistently. Still,we were able to get together with Trevor and Jan for dinner about a week ago, which was a treat.

So things are looking up. My job is great - sane, smart people; good product; about ten minutes away from my house; great pay (I didn't expect to be offered as much as I was, which was only $500 less a year than I had been making before 9/11); very satisfying.

Dusty - I didn't mention that while all this was going on, Dusty was having major lameness problems, with duelling quarter cracks in his front feet - is doing much better, with strange looking but effective custom orthopedic shoes, and medicine that smells (and I assume tastes) like vanilla syrup, which he laps up with gusto.

So, chances are there'll be another update soon, though I find myself strangely apathetic. While there is some touchup work to be done, I've grown accustomed to seeing myself with this much color and this much negative space, and I kind of like it.

But then again, my left arm could do with a little more color...

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