Our First Anniversary - In New Orleans Again

October 13th, 2000 found Geoffrey and I enroute to New Orleans. Yes, we flew on Friday the thirteenth, and lived to tell the tale. On October 15th, we'd been married a year.

I'll admit it - I'd procrastinated, and by the time I tried to book a room in the Bourbon Orleans, they were full up. So, we contacted Angel's friend Cheryl who manages the St. Peter House (a very nice B&B), and booked into there instead.

At first I'd been a little disappointed about not getting into the Bourbon Orleans - I was feeling sentimental about it. But once we saw our room at the St. Peter House we were sold, and we'll be going back there from now on. It's got all the New Orleans ambience, and Cheryl runs it. What else do you need?

We shopped, we strolled, we ate, we drank. We are now the proud owners of two See no evil, hear no evil Tiki Monkey CD racks. Geoffrey got a very nice antique gun, a Colt 1851 Navy, manufactured in 1863, and now he needs to get all of the accoutrements.

After watching countless street urchins with tap nails on their sneakers and a cardboard box in front of them flail their feet, and a guy writhe on the street with chains wrapped around him, we decided that New Orleans is truly the "City of Silly and Questionable Talents."

In short, we had a wonderful time.

We went for beignets at "Cafe du Monde." We watched a balloon artist there who made recognizable Tweetie Birds, Pink Panthers, Sylvester the Cats and others I can't remember.

(Of course I don't have photos of these things...)

We stopped in to Rings of Desire a couple of times (Pat is a Red Dwarf fan, it turns out.)


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