Geoffrey And I, Engaged To Be Married

Well, as of April 16th, 1999, Geoffrey and I became formally (if you can call anything about us "formal"), engaged. Our plans for the actual "when" of the marriage are still nebulous; we expect it'll be in the fall. We'll probably do a fairly small wedding and then a few different parties, since our families and friends are so disparate.

Here's a scan of the ring. It doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea:

As far as we know, this is the only engagement ring ever purchased through Elayne Angel. Elayne gave Geoffrey a lot of help here, and we both really appreciate it!

So now we're trying to figure out how to do this. Right now, a JP and then two parties seems to be the way to go: one for the more uptight family and friends; another for the ones who know us better :)

Then again, though having Elvis officiating in Vegas is unlikely (the appeal of that is gone due to it's being the preferred method of a particularly awful ex), we are also considering other possibilities. Stay tuned...

Well, we ended up getting married in New Orleans - here's the wedding page.


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