Geoffrey Gets His Own Page

It's been pointed out to me by the man in question that he has not made it into the "things that are important to me" list.

I have decided to remedy that situation.

I met Geoffrey at the very beginning of 1998. He'd been searching for web pages which mentioned "Trevor Marshall", came upon mine, and sent a brief message:

I stumbled on your site and ... it seems we have a tattoo artist in common. Trevor has just about completed a maori/marquesan piece down my left leg.
I don't have any good images of that work but here is one of my back done
by Juli Moon.
I see Trevor in Seabrook NH. Where in your travels do you see him? If you see him before I do, say hello. I have been trying to get him into computers but I fear it is a lost cause.

He enclosed this - how could I help but be intrigued?


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