Trip Report April 21 through May 5 2001, Bonaire


Actually, Geoffrey's and my trip began the evening of April 20th, when we drove from Lowell to my brother's apartment in Watertown to be closer to Logan Airport in the morning. Our plane was scheduled to leave around 7:30, and getting to Logan two hours in advance driving in from about 45 minutes away would have been nearly impossible for us - we aren't what anyone would term "morning people." So the plan was to take a taxi from Watertown, and my brother had called and arranged for one to show up at five.

Friday evening we toodled over to Watertown and spent half the night talking excitedly about out trip to come. Falling asleep seemed to be unlikely - I felt like those kids in the Disney World commercial: "I'm too excited to sleep!" - but it did eventually come.

Saturday morning, we got up at three in the morning. THREE IN THE MORNING!!! I cannot express in words just how catatonic I felt. Zombies are more lively. We'd thought 3 in the morning was a good time in order to give us all a chance to shower. I was a clean zombie anyway. And it turned out, we were ready at least an hour in advance. I still miss that hour of sleep that was robbed from me.

After dragging and loading our dive gear bags into the taxi, and dragging and loading them on the ramp at the ticket counter, we were very happy to see them on their way into the bowels of the Air Jamaica checked luggage area. We continued our journey relatively unencumbered, and at that hour were quite glad of it.

The Air Jamaica flight was uneventful. On the Boston to Montego Bay part of it we were still groggy. I remember little or nothing of it. I guess that's a good thing, though.

Changing planes in Montego Bay was pretty uneventful, though some guy who cut in front of a lot of people and then got in between Geoffrey and I took offense when Geoffrey asked him to let him get ahead to join his wife. Apparently he was "First Class", not that you could actually tell since everyone was allowed to go to the plane all together, and he felt we were being rude just by being early enough in the line to be at the head of it. Sheesh.

Geoffrey pulled out his GPS on the plane and I held it to the window. We tracked our direction, speed, altitude and watched on the screen as the coastlines of Aruba, Curacao and finally Bonaire came into view. Yes, folks: Nerds 'R Us!

We landed, gathered our luggage, and proceded through customs and out into the true beginning of our vacation.

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