Food Shopping in Bonaire

We went to one of the "supermarkets" in Bonaire to pick up some beer for the 10 days we were there this past February (2004)

While there, we were fascinated by the names and packaging of some of the snack stuff.

These clown cookies (and just saying the name, in our probably incorrect pronounciation: "clown'-ches") were particularly disturbing:
Gang makers?
Barkin' pooches?
These just struck us funny; particularly the Pisang Zu-Zu one, which had these lovely disembodied heads that looked more Indian than African, on the label.
The label, up close - then again, they're somewhat reminiscent of aliens from an old Star Trek...
This Pistachio stuff was the consistency of papier mache paste. We weren't brave enough to try it.

This was at what I believe to be the only strip mall on the island - Sanddollar Grocery. It is possible there are others, but I can't imagine anywhere else populated enough to support it.

From far away, but look closely, in the middle:
He comes for bread every day

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